The Library has a voluminous stock of books for all age groups. It has been located separately on the campus to facilitate a quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study.

Special experiential learning environments have been created for understanding the concepts of subjects like mathematics and science and also social studies and languages.

The Library is available to the students six days a week. For research and study, the computers integrated with library resources are also available. The following facilities are provided in the Library : Cartier Baignoire replica watches

A journal section for reference.

Different types of Encyclopedias on all subjects.

Different types of entertainment books and newspapers to update on news and happenings and also to create an awareness of current events.

A spacious reading hall.

Library Books Details

Sr. No. Books Total No. Values
1 General Books 1700
2 English Reference Books 75
3 Hindi Reference Books 100
4 Science Reference Books 100
5 History Reference Books 80
6 Geography Reference Books 25
7 Civics Reference Books 25
8 Sanskrit Reference Books 20
9 Mathematics Reference Books 20
10 Computer Reference Books 40
11 Arts and Crafts Reference Books 25
12 Physical Education Reference Books 25