About the School :

Welcome to H. R. PUBLIC SCHOOL The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi, 10+2 till 2020 with a vision of bringing value education to the most underestimated area of Laksar Dist Haridwar, Shri Harish Chand & Smt. Ramkali ji, laid the foundation of “H.R. PUBLIC SCHOOL” in 2001.ASATO MA SADGMAYA ‘May the divine Goddess of education bring the light of truthfulness to every heart’ with this motto school was established in the outskirts of city Laksar to provide a serene and calm environment for the worship of goddess Saraswati


Mission & Vision

"Prepare Children For Life and Enable Them To be Human" From Principal’s Desk

Education Center in the desert sands of the Rajasthan. The DIS is an oasis which unfolds its treasure to a fabulous world of knowledge. I hope this prospectus will give prospective parents and students a flavour of what Divine International School is all about. DIS has all the infrastructure and facilities that makes a fully fledged Public School and these are being maintained and updated on regular basis. We have one computer laboratory, Science lab, Smart classes and art and craft center’ for multifarious creativity. Unparalleled sports facilities- the mid terms trips, treks,mountaineering to develop love for outdoor life etc. Academic growth of boys is our mantra and guiding principle. The list is endless. 

It is important to prepare the children before sending them to a Boarding School. The child should be convinced about the usefulness of Day Boarding School Life. In my opinion a day boarding School has many advantages. It inculcates in children an attitude of ‘Caring and Sharing’ and a sense of independent living, decision making and value for money. It teaches the child the art of self learning and self preparation for the examinations. The child learns to live a Spartan life which makes him tough enabling him to progress without being a slave to materialistic comforts. Living together with other children creates a feeling of brotherhood and helps to develop leadership qualities. The hectic schedule involving both academics and co-curricular activities keeps him pre occupied in a constructive manner. In fact at times, it is felt that there is so much to do, with no time at all. Thus it teaches him Time Management early in life.


School is providing the bus facility in every areas. NOTE:Children should always remain away from the main road until the bus arrives. 1. Facilated new technology as Digi-class that makes the topic interesting and curious.
2. Well equipped audio-video aids & covered by cameras.
3. Well equipped laboratories in each streams.
4. Well structured computer lab consisting no. of computers for the students.
5. Decent library to provide books on all the topics.
6. Big play-ground with lush green atmosphere

Meeting With Principal:

The school always tries to keep three meeting with parents for their wards discussion. But in emergency, the parents can meet during the working hours 10:00 to 12:30. Please avoid to meet the teachers during the school hours due to disturbance of stud

Our Classes:

The aim of the school is all round development of the student.
Our students are doing well in all the field scholastic as well as in co-curricular activities.
The school starts from 1st April to 31 March with all the Streams as Commerce and Science.
The school has well equipped labs in all streams with decent library to develop the students mind.
The school has well Qualified staff with great experienced and master in their subjects.


The school believes in inherit discipline. It is expected formally students to maintain discipline in the school premises as well as outside. School discipline is the system of rules, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students actions and behavior


The school gives awards to the students who stand first, second and third position in their respective classes and also offers scholarship to those who got distinction in all five subjects.


 Board and Management:

S.NO.    Member Name             Father / Spouse Name                Designation in SMC

   1         GOPAL AGARWAL              HARISH CHANDRA                    MANGER / CHIEF TRUSTEE

   2         Dr. A.P. GUPTA                    FAKIR CHAND GUPTA                     VICE PRESIDENT

   3         DEEPAK MANI GUPTA       MUKUT BIHARI GUPTA                        SECETARY

   4         ANIL AGARWAL                  HARISH CHANDRA                               MEMBER