Salary Details

Post From To
Principal 18000 45000
Vice-Principal 18000 45000
TGTs 10000 35000
PRTs 8500 15000
Others 5000 10000
Principal 18000 45000
Principal 18000 45000

Art Center

One of the objectives of education is to inculcate in children, the appreciation of beauty and to help them develop a sense of aesthetics. A lot of emphasis is placed on the Fine as well as the Performing Arts. In junior school, compulsory exposure is given to art and craft, music and dance, dramatics etc. In Middle school, each student chooses one or two areas to develop and expertise in, and skilled guidance is provided on a regular basis.

In addition to painting, sketching and regular craftwork, students are exposed to a variety of media including clay modeling and papermaking. Emphasis is placed on making “the best from waste” by using old boxes, sheets, beads, plastic bottles, used fax and toilet paper rolls, etc. Students will receive instruction

in Fine Arts from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The fine arts department at Divine is structured to initiate students in a multitude of expressionist media including pencil, pastels, crayons, clay and plaster.

Modules are taught using a variety of teaching and learning methods, including lectures, seminars and workshops. Students are often expected to prepare material for presentations in seminars. In practical projects, students carry out practical art work which functions as a basis for research into Art, Craft and Design Education. Students are provided with study packs for independent study modules.

Mission & Vision

"Prepare Children For Life and Enable Them To be Human" From Principal’s Desk

Education Center in the desert sands of the Rajasthan. The DIS is an oasis which unfolds its treasure to a fabulous world of knowledge. I hope this prospectus will give prospective parents and students a flavour of what Divine International School is all about. DIS has all the infrastructure and facilities that makes a fully fledged Public School and these are being maintained and updated on regular basis. We have one computer laboratory, Science lab, Smart classes and art and craft center’ for multifarious creativity. Unparalleled sports facilities- the mid terms trips, treks,mountaineering to develop love for outdoor life etc. Academic growth of boys is our mantra and guiding principle. The list is endless.

It is important to prepare the children before sending them to a Boarding School. The child should be convinced about the usefulness of Day Boarding School Life. In my opinion a day boarding School has many advantages. It inculcates in children an attitude of ‘Caring and Sharing’ and a sense of independent living, decision making and value for money. It teaches the child the art of self learning and self preparation for the examinations. The child learns to live a Spartan life which makes him tough enabling him to progress without being a slave to materialistic comforts. Living together with other children creates a feeling of brotherhood and helps to develop leadership qualities. The hectic schedule involving both academics and co-curricular activities keeps him pre occupied in a constructive manner. In fact at times, it is felt that there is so much to do, with no time at all. Thus it teaches him Time Management early in life.

DIS is committed to producing gentlemen who can be of service and value to society and shape as leaders of our great nation and who can be the true epitome of our motto Faith, Knowledge and Work.